No matter what you are looking for in a guide, Dan Taylor will work hard to customize your trip to meet your needs. His specialty is fishing for Largemouth Black Bass with artificial baits, but live bait is available on request at the current market price.

Dan "FishGod" Taylor was born and raised in Texas. He has fished and hunted throughout the Central Texas area all of his life. After fishing recreationally for many years, Dan started fishing competitively in the early 90's and was hooked. Although he still has a passion for competitive fishing, he also enjoys helping other anglers learn the tricks and techniques that have made him successful.

Dan Taylor on the FishGod nickname:
"The FishGod nickname started back in the early days of my fishing career. Fishing trips to area lakes with friends and relatives would always result in a bit of friendly competition among the anglers in the group. The angler that was most successful that trip would be awarded the title of FishGod for the day. In the days following these trips, I would relay the tales of victory during water-cooler conversations. Before I knew it, I was being referred to as FishGod by friends, family, and co-workers, and the name stuck. The legend of the FishGod was born!"